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Thread: Need new “keychain” size 16340 / 14500 light. Best of 2020?

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    Default Time for a new Keychain Light

    I currently have a Klarus XT1C for a key chain light. Been using it for about 18 months and is great, just too dam big (1” diameter and 3.72” length) for my pocket.

    500+ LM - Brighter the better
    USB Chargeable (battery or light itself)
    Key Chain hook on end
    Lockout (twist is fine)
    Smaller than the XT1C but not tiny .75” diameter 3.5” length is fine.
    Under $50

    This will be a general use EDC light and a backup tactical light, for shooting, if I don’t have my primary light on me. So I guess one handed on off would be a plus.

    I am looking at the Tool 2.0, Klarus Mi7 and Fenix E16 pretty hard. I love the fit and finish of Fenix but also own a big Nitecore that is great.

    what else should I be looking at, what is new and cool?

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    Default Re: Time for a new Keychain Light

    The thing about small lights is that there are so many to choose from and so many new releases continuously. Happy hunting!

    "Time for a new keychain light." Me too. Olight S2 Baton is only 1,000 lumens, and 10,000 lumen Nitecore TM9K is a little bit too big for my keychain, so I am looking at Emisar D4v2 and/or Lumintop FW3A/s single 18650 at a few thousand lumens to replace the S2 Baton that has faithfully endured being my keychain light for four years now.
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    Default Re: Need new “keychain” size AA light. Best of 2020?

    You might look at the Eagtac d25A
    to get that kind of out put you'll need to run it on a LiIon.
    Here are their notes on LiIon use.
    * Using 4.2V li-ion direct drives the LED and yields maximum output at the expense of extensive heat generated from the LED. Limit each usage to less than fives minutes (or less than one minute each with freshly charged li-ion for the first couple times). Active cooling (blowing cool air toward the light) or passive cooling (holding the light in your hand) helps preventing excessive heat built at the LED. Turn off the light to allow it to cool down if you find the flashlight too hot to hold. Do not leave the light running unattended with li-ion. During direct drive, output at low and medium mode will be higher than normal.

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    Default Re: Need new “keychain” size 16340 / 14500 light. Best of 2020?

    If you like something along the lines of the Fenix E16, the Acebeam TK16 is a solid choice. However, there's no dedicated lanyard ring.

    If USB charging is OK, the Nitecore TUP has a ring and pocket clip. Very bright for its size.

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    Default Re: Time for a new Keychain Light

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    Default Re: Time for a new Keychain Light

    after reading your post, which gives excellent details regarding the intended use, I suggest you consider a

    Sunwayman V11r

    (I get the LED changed to High CRI for my Ideal Configuration)

    imo V11r has the Ultimate UI for shooting, a forward tailclicky (tactical momentary on)
    Plus a rotary dial that allows smooth ramping from low to high, with memory (rotary is my absolute favorite UI)

    Quote Originally Posted by WilliamMunny View Post
    Tool 2.0, Klarus Mi7, Rovyvon Aurora A23 and Fenix E16...
    among those choices,
    I vote Rovyvon Aurora A23 because it is the only one available with a Nichia 219c High CRI LED. Im a snob, and cannot live with Low CRI anymore.

    I dont like sideswitches, so no Klarus for me, but if I wanted a short stubby light with a sideswitch, I would choose an Olight S1 Mini, over a Fenix. (Olight UI and modes are better imo)

    imo, the Tool is good, if Low CRI is OK and if you are fine with 14500

    I prefer 16340 to 14500
    The V11r is 16340, and with an AA Extender can also use 14500
    (but makes the light unnecessarily longer imo)
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    Default Re: Time for a new Keychain Light

    Where can you still get a V11R?

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    Default Re: Time for a new Keychain Light

    Quote Originally Posted by Neilrazer View Post
    Where can you still get a V11R?
    Check on EBay, but I have two V11Rs, an M11R and had a V10R and to be honest, they’re a bit large for a keychain and I EDC nothing but 16340 lights 95% of the time.

    Great light, but it’s better suited to being clipped inside of one’s pocket, IME.

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