Many users want to know the charger difference between XTAR and Nitecore, such as XTAR VC4S VS NITECORE D4, NITECORE NEW i4 VS XTAR VC4, and NITECORE D4 VS XTAR VC4. Here I made some product comparison charts, with the price, compatible battery type, input power, charging current and other main features.

Letís first look at the comparison of XTAR VC4S, VC4 VS Nitecore D4, NEW i4.
VC4S VC4 VS D4 i4对比图3.jpg

VC4S and VC4 are lack of an external plug in its package, but they have greater versatility as to where you can charge. They can be plugged into any USB power source (less than 5V 2.1A) i.e. laptop, car USB jack, USB wall plug.

D4 allows you to select a low charge for the low capacity batteries. VC4S, VC4 and New i4 automatically choose the best current after detecting the battery status.

VC4S and VC4 provide detailed capacity charge and bright screen display, but it canít show the time taken to charge like D4.

All of these four chargers have safety protection and cut off appropriately, esp. the VC4S, its built-in high-precision MCU makes cut-off voltage up to Ī0.05V. All offer independent battery charging path and reverse polarity warning. All are easy to use, plug and play great for those who lack the in-depth technical know-how.

I will post more product comparison charts. Which mode comparison you want to see? Please donít hesitate to tell me below.