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Thread: Wobbly 12v plugs

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    Default Wobbly 12v plugs

    The plugs of my spotlight wobble in the 12v outlets I use at work. I've tried barely moving the cord, but it's impossible, as I turn the light on 165+ times in a 7 /12 shift, often having to put the light on the seat next to me during complex driving or when getting out of the truck. The plug wobbles around and then the light blinks or cuts out completely, and eventually shorts out. I've had the vibration from the truck cause the plug to drop out of the socket while the light was sitting on the seat while I was driving.

    I've tried widening the springs on the male plug, to no avail. I've tried using electrical tape on the outside of the plug and socket to hold it in. Also a fail.

    Can I wrap electrical tape around the non-conductive part of the male plug to make it wider to cut down on wobbles? This tape wrapped part would be inside the conductive female socket. Would the tape melt or catch fire? Can I wrap something conductive, like foil, around the side springs of the male end to make these wider, or would I start a fire with this?

    Hard wiring the light into the vehicle is not an option since it is a company vehicle.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Wobbly 12v plugs

    Is this a standard cigarette lighter plug? I would simply start by replacing the plug with something better quality or atleast just a new one. You could also wrap some tape around it to make it a tighter fit. But do not wrap it with any aluminum foil or similar as that probably will fall off and short out the socket in the truck.
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