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Thread: New Type of LED's -- What Are They Called?

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    Arrow New Type of LED's -- What Are They Called?

    I've noticed a new type of LED creeping into the market, I have seen absolutely no videos about these types of LED's, but they are basically the answer to the oversized cob-webs that we have been subjected to. They are basically small size 300-500W super bright LED's, that are like 1 inch squared in size, as opposed to 3-4 inches how it would be with the cob-web design, and they seem to be flooded with some sort of glassy epoxy.

    The first time I saw this absolutely batshit insane LED was on a Russian youtube channel here
    he uses an Aliexpress 300W version. (at 50 seconds he shows size comparison of 100W cob web Vs. this new design 300W)

    What I struggle with is doing a widespread search for these, nobody seems to specify what type of LED's they are, they are clearly high power, and clearly not cob-web, so what the hell are they? This scientific article describes it as "Jumbo Dye LED" and is mainly targeted at stage illumination, medical endoscope use, others describe them as "copper core board LED."

    Help me understand what they are called, and talk about their efficiencies in comparison to cob-webs, all I found was that they can take super high amperage, from 1-30+Amps depending on wattage, some can be high voltage too, and they can tolerate much higher temperatures.
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    Default Re: New Type of LED's -- What Are They Called?

    Those look similar to some of the older LED projection tv LEDs. I had a red one a few yrs back. Got VERY hot.

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    Citizen's CLU550 is a 500 watt COB that is 38mm or 1.49" square. I don't know how much more fun it is to cool multi-hundred watt emitters smaller than that due to heat concentration.

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    Default Re: New Type of LED's -- What Are They Called?

    looks like something to take the place of hid in outdoor lighting and maybe even projectors.
    thats a common format in automotive headlights.

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    Some of these are COB LEDs. The defining property of COB is that the die it attached directly to PCB. For example Luminus makes COBs that don't have a single phosphor all over many dies but just a single die.
    Some are CSP-based, though they tend to be used for variable CCT rather than peak output (Bridgelux, Luminus) - I don't know a specific name for that.
    Are the ones that you show(Hontiey?) COBs as well? I don't know.

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    Interesting. At 0:58 into the Russian video you can see the packaging, where it says LED Osram High Power 7500K - 8000K.
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    Default Re: New Type of LED's -- What Are They Called?

    Reminds me of the old Luminus Devices SST family mounted on a metal core board.

    Either way, that's a lot of heat to move from a small space!
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