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Thread: Help with replacement drivers - what to buy with magnet switch or how to fit

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    Default Help with replacement drivers - what to buy with magnet switch or how to fit

    Hi Guys
    I have 2 cheaper dive torches that one i flooded and one i managed to twist off the wires -
    a quick test battery to LED seems to show the LED's work but when wired through the drivers they dont work

    So i want to get couple replacement Drivers - however these both have magnet switches (not sure if called Hall or other ??)
    and the standard drivers for sale - Do they have magnets switches ?

    Can i unsolder the old reed/Hall or whatever the part called and re-solder onto a new driver - can see in Picture on the smaller driver this magnet switch is just soldered on by red and black wire - but where would i solder it on to the new driver ?

    on the other torch/driver i dont even know what part the magnets in the twist part operarate.

    easiest if i can just buy new drivers with a switch the magnets operate ?
    so any suggestions or links of best to buy
    Both torches are single 18650 3.6v batteries
    dive torches with a external magnet in twist ring that operates the torch
    one driver 20mm and one 17mm or approx

    thanks Mark

    Have pics of old ones but not sure how to attach if anyone does can you let me know thanks


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