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Thread: GITD O-Rings - Haiku

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    Default GITD O-Rings - Haiku

    Hey guys, tried searching but havenít had much luck. Looking for some GITD O-Rings for my Haiku...specifically the front one which Don has as #018 and the rear one that holds the switch boot on, #113. I donít even know what sizes those equate to lol.

    any info or help would be awesome.


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    Default Re: GITD O-Rings - Haiku

    Light Hound used to have all the sizes of GID O-Rings, however, since they closed, I don't even know where to get them anymore?
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    Default Re: GITD O-Rings - Haiku

    Yeah I remember. Crazy that there isn't more of demand for these. OR has a parts kit for thier lights that come with a GITD O-Ring but i'm not sure of the size lol.

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