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Thread: How to remove this fixture

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    I am a new member and joined because I hope someone can assist me.

    i have 6 LED fixture/lights that are mounted in the hardtop over the flybridge on my boat. I don’t know if the fixture and bulb are integrated or not. I need to change a bulb and cannot remove it to even see what it is

    it appears to me as though there is a circular translucent ‘glass’ surrounded by a chrome ring - about 2.5 diameter. The ‘glass’ and whatever is behind it does not move around or separate at all from the ring. I can easily pull the ring fixture down about a half inch. If I pull harder the fiberglass panel in which is is mounted starts to give rather than the fixture coming out more. The fixture wants to automatically retract back up into the fiberglass panel. Trying to figure out how I can be so dumb as to not be able to get this out so I can iD the make etc of the lights. Suggestions? Thanx

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    Is the ring connected by two wires on each side? If so these should squeeze together to allow you to remove the ring completely and then have clearance to unscrew/turn the glass of the lamp and remove it. If I am correct the glass should be connected to a lamp similar to a household lamp but the outward facing part is simply flat to match the fixture.

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