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Thread: Seeker 2 pro Undocumented features

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    Default Seeker 2 pro Undocumented features

    The Seeker 2 Pro have some undocumented features

    1- Led #1 (low mode) slowly blinks in moonlight mode

    2- One click holded shortly for battery status indicator

    3- ???.. When the flashligt is off Double click holded for
    ~1sec seem to generate an action because the
    lock or low power led light up for one second ..

    I have not found the purpose of this function or setting

    If somebody have more informations on this function or
    have found other undocumented features .. Let us know

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    Default Re: Seeker 2 pro Undocumented features

    Had to try mine. I don't see the blink (1) you report on mine? The one click (2) is a smart idea, hold long enough to get status but not long enough to switch to the next power level. (3) I see too, I'll have to see if I can puzzle what it is. Thanks.

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