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    Hey Klarus,
    I'm looking at HR1. I have a few small complaints about it but compared to literally everything else I've seen on the market HR1 looks superb.

    But there's still one major drawback which keeps me from buying one.
    It delivers merely 150 lm from a powerbank.

    Even without PD support you can draw 15 W off Type C connector which is much more than necessary to deliver full power, so I don't see the reason for this limitation.
    I do hope you'll release an upgraded model eventually...

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    Default Re: Klarus HR1

    The HR1 series are all pretty small with limited mass for thermal transfer, 15W is a lot of power for even a hefty finned flashlight to manage.

    The HR1 in particular is spec'd to run off a 3xAAA, so the choice to max out at 150 lm was probably a design choice to balance battery runtime with output levels.

    If you haven't already checked them out, Klarus also offers the HR1 Pro and HR1 Plus models which offer higher max outputs, which run off lithium batteries.
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    When speaking of HR1 I meant the whole family, including Pro and Plus. They are unable to provide full brightness off a powerbank. Though now I don't see where did I get the 150 lm from - the max seems to be 450 actually.

    It's much better but nevertheless it leaves something to be desired...

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