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Thread: Hello from the land of Steady Habits

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    Default Hello from the land of Steady Habits

    A bit of a Netmegger here. I got started in electronics at age 14 by taking dead cheap Japan radios and fashioning a simple radio for earphones. Take the antenna bar and tuner out, and replace with one hi-gain transistor. Some were one crystal-earphone, some were two in parallel. In those days you ran a ground wire to the finger-stop of a roraty phone (remember those?). And they worked well, but not a carry-around portable. Instead of a 9V battery 2AA cells. Battery life of ONE YEAR using basic carbon-zinc. Just pennies (literally) to operate.

    Time passes, people grow up and move on to 'important' things.

    In 1998 I started a Y-group for Crystal Radios (no power just antenna, coil, diode, resistor, and earphones (crystal also). A lot of folks there remembered the hobby in their youth as a 1-tube radio. Being (alot) younger I used a transistor. For the next 7 years there was a lot of stuff done to improve the "science". For the 50th anniversary of the first pocket transistor, I submitted a design still in use today that originally started in 1978 repairing those old radios. And I have a simple, old-fashioned website for it. Since the capacitors have increased in quality, the radio performs better. I tried seveal traditional types, Silver-Mica, discs, Polystyrene/foil, and ceramic bead. These last ones are superior. And one can use a ferrite-bar (standard magnetic) or wind your own on a cake-frosting can (old-fashioned air type).

    You can find the site at http://www.am3radio.com

    Originally, I'm here looking for CR123a types rechargeable or not to power some cheap but good quality Chinese AM/FM/SW radios. I've seen disposables under $1 each, and rechargeables at about double.

    IMHO: I like the LiFePO4 chemistry. A safer alternative, though less maHr comparing same size.


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    Default Re: Hello from the land of Steady Habits

    Hello titanize, and
    Thank you for posting such a nice introduction; I confess to your choice of words ('netmegger') catching my fancy enough for me to open your post.
    Best regards,
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    Its a take on Nutmegger and internet. I built my own computers a few times and for a few friends. Wired up the home phone and CATV. I seem to be handy in DC electronics.


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