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Thread: Coronavirus

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    The more you talk, the more people are inclined to hear things you didn't say.
    Never point a flashlight at anything you don't intend to illuminate! Never buy a flashlight you have to make payments on.

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    Default Coronavirus

    I’ll admit the guy needs to filter. Especially when he knows he’s facing a hostile press that will never stop trying to discredit him. But I fail to see how this became “The President of The United States suggests ingesting disinfectant.” Incredible. But again, he should have seen it coming.

    By the way, Happy 50th Birthday Melania. Wow...
    I only fear that if something happens to me, my wife will sell all my stuff for what I told her I paid for it.

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    I think Trump was only stating what Biden would have said if he was up there. I thought I heard him look over and whisper, "isn't that what Biden said?"

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    The thread and topic are valuable, but unmanageable. Rather than attempt to moderate a 1800 plus post thread, let's restart with something more easily monitored. A second thread is being started. Let's not fill it with political opinion.
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