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Thread: Hello all from Long Island, NY!

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    Wink2 Hello all from Long Island, NY!

    Hello fellow Torch Addicts,

    My name is Eric and Iíve been into all things EDC for almost 20 years now. More so knife collecting over most other EDC tools/items. However over the years Iíve become much more addicted to Flashlights than I used to be, now carrying one every single day without fail. I would still label myself a major rookie with a lot to learn. I should have joined CPF a very long time ago and am kind of kicking myself for just lurking. But Iím here now and super stoked to learn as much as I can about all ranges of Torches!

    Thanks for taking the time and reading this 🙏🏻



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    Welcome aboard Eric.
    John 3:16

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