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    I was wondering about the Rotablade Vision. Does anyone have experience with this light.
    I'm doing some research to buy my first (semi)custom light.

    Any opinions?

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    I just purchased a Rotablade Vision Torch in Damasteel. When it lands I'll post up some pictures. I'm sure based on how well there manufacturing process is that I will just love it. I'm sorry I'm not of more help but I will be after she lands.

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    I just took delivery of both my Vision in Damasteel and Titanium finish. I love both lights. The fit and finish is well executed. The tint is a 4k and is very warm. The throw is wide and it does not disappoint.

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    Think I'm the first person to review a Rotablade Vision, it developed a fault shortly after the review where it would flicker and turn off etc but a quick tightening of the driver sorted things out.
    I'm considering buying the Rotablade Force Vision now with 21 trits!

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    The Vision has been on my list for awhile now, love the design and overall specs, also thinking of picking one up very soon. However I would like to hear more opinions, whether good or bad, anyone own a Vision?

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