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Thread: Buying Sky Lumen VN

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    Default Buying Sky Lumen VN

    Is it safe to use friends and family PayPal option with VN purchases? Seems legit seller according to what I gather. Just concerned about missing, defective item or damage during shipping and not being covered with "goods and services" pay pal option. How has your experience been buying VN?


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    Default Re: Buying Sky Lumen VN

    Using FF to make purchases violates the PP TOS so it isnít something we are going to discuss here. If you have questions about SkyLumen products and service please post them in his subforum here where the experts on that topic hang out. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Buying Sky Lumen VN

    Personally, you couldn't pay me (pun intended) to use F&F to make purchases. In addition, I wouldn't ever want to take anything but Goods and Services as payment for items. Buyer and seller protection exist for a reason, regardless of the integrity or reputation of buyer or seller. To answer your last question, I've bought from Vinh and will likely buy from him again. He has a subforum with 978 threads here, he must be doing something right..
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    Also, in addition to posts above from nbp and scout24,

    June, 2015 is when I discovered Vinh, when I realized that my favorite US supplier would not be offering the Noctigon Meteor M43vn XP-L.

    Chronologically, first reason why I went with Vinh was/is his providing on-time wide variety of offerings.

    2. Supply and support stateside, no months long slow boat to/from other corners of the globe.

    3. He does mods that I can't do: Boost and choice of alternative emitters, etc, etc.

    4. Prompt, friendly attention to seldom seen minor hiccups.

    5. Prompt, friendly response via email.

    6. Heartfelt, personable, spiritual presence on the forum.

    And last, but eventually most, 7. After buying 26 lights from Vinh in the past four and a half years, and after lots of friendly, helpful and personable emails and one friendly, brief instant answer phone call, I consider him to be my very close to primary spiritual asset/spiritual connection in this phase of my life on the sometimes hostile surface of this earth, painfully impacted by evil people.
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    Default Re: Buying Sky Lumen VN

    Don't trust anyone on the internet, including me and this post. But, trust Vinh Nguyen. His passion, knowledge, customer service, dedication to the community, and high quality make him the most trustworthy person that I know but have never met face to face.

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    Vinh, much to his credit, has never requested that I use FF when purchasing a light from him.
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