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Thread: SOLDXm-18 3 inch sliver grind user SOLD

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    Default SOLDXm-18 3 inch sliver grind user SOLD

    SOLD This is a lightly used but carried 3 inch slicer. This is a pre-triway pivot knife running on pb washers. Knife still has factory edge but could used a touch up. Comes with factory Teflon washers and the box.
    asking SOLDpaypal shipped to your USA door ( intl buyers pay shipping). Knife is also listed on BF so the first I’ll take it followed by a pm for PayPal info gets it. B33809EB-EAF6-4EC8-8C73-7491D6615EF2.jpg720BB7D9-5D3A-40E5-93C1-3C3ABCDBC75D.jpg62508E71-6CD7-4145-AA47-AA717833CB9E.jpgC7B89C31-FD66-4A07-B283-D9A2D113362A.jpgA1FF3B70-0E85-46F8-838F-24C6C3BDE2B7.jpg
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    Please replace selling price, per usual CPF MarketPlace custom
    ... is the archimedes peak

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