I am a licensed amateur radio operator in the United States. In my pickup, I use a portable amateur radio to connect to a Rugged Spot digital hotspot. The digital hotspot gets a cellular connection from a cellular hotspot in my vehicle. Right now I run separate power cables to each device. I have noticed that the Rugged Spot has four USB ports and the cellular hotspot has one USB port. Can I, or should I , "daisy-chain" one device to the other for power? If so, does it matter what order I connect them in? I have read varying numbers as far as how much power the Rugged Spot needs. I think it is somewhere between 0.5 amp idle and closer to 1 amp when transmitting or receiving. I think the recommendations is to have a source that gives at least 1.5 amp.

I am having difficulty finding numbers on the MR1100, too. I am assuming that when the device is charging the internal battery and having multiple devices connected, that it would draw the most power. The technical specifications mention that it has a USB-A port, but perhaps the intended use is more for USB tethering, than charging/powering additional devices. I can't seem to find any specific numbers on the amount of power needed.

Another thought I have had is to simply try it and see if it works. I am assuming that by not supplying enough power I won't damage anything, but who knows.