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Thread: 16650-17670 case?

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    Default 16650-17670 case?

    I love my Storacell battery holders, great for general storage and travel. But they don't make anything for 16650/17650/17670 size batteries. I'm not interested in converting everything to 18650s, I don't want to replace my Surefire bodies. Can anyone recommend a good case/pouch/holder for these sizes? Something relatively protective, enough to be able to throw 3-4 batteries into a carry-on or backpack.

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    Default Re: 16650-17670 case?

    Some brands have a nice pouch for their batteries, it is not locked to specific battery sizes.
    I cannot show any unbranded one, but I hope this can give your an idea what to search for (It is from one of my reviews):

    The pouch can be stuffed with four 16xxx, 17xxx or 18xxx cells. It has webbing on both top and bottom that each can contain two cells. It is my favorite solution to carry a few batteries.

    I have no idea if your can get it alone or if it is only sold with batteries.

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    I just checked some of my recent pouches, they only had webbing on one side.
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