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Thread: Great Balls of ICE!!!

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    Crackup Great Balls of ICE!!!

    Like the title says...


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    So this humble T.I.P. (Test In Progress) continues...

    I have staged about 12 "Balls Of Ice" BOI in a tray of the freezer so that we may select a BOI (pronunced "boy" yeah go figure) or BOIs to chill the appropriate beverage.

    In this most recent example, two BOIs have been deployed into a tall Negroni with Lime. Yeah, Lime AND... I add an equal share of Aperol for good measure!

    So there you go and salute!


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    I remember one year Maker's Mark sent us an ice ball mold one year around Christmas time. I really need to give it a try some time.

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    Almost six months (YEAH, 6) in of intermittent use AND just a little travel to a few places...

    The Prepara Ice Ball forms have remained intact in spite of my (and my karma's) best efforts to completely destroy them. Hint, do not tap frozen contents on a counter or with the butt of a revolver. Let the forms sit on the counter for a few minutes then pry the encapsulated ice from the forms.

    In this episode, we subject the frosty little orbs to provide support to a trifecta of pre-mixed armored Moscow Mules within the confines of a double walled Titanium consumption device. When you travel, ensure that your water (H2O) source is FILTERED!!! Thank me later.

    An interesting observation is that the initial pour reveals a target shaped impression from the vent caps.

    Notice that it's time to get "Lit Up?"...

    Three can applications later, we have the results, and the frigid orbs held up well to the challenge...

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