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Thread: [GiveAway] want to get out of the cr123 game SOLD/GIVEN AWAY

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    Default [GiveAway] want to get out of the cr123 game SOLD/GIVEN AWAY

    recently started a new job with a new uniform and had to change my edc. Realized that i dont use my cr123 lights enough to keep stockpiling the cells for them

    so im looking to give them a good home instead of just throwing these into the bin

    from left to right
    petzl signal (not a cr123 but dont use this anymore)
    4sevens mini (one of the first productions with thread wobble, just fyi)
    maglite C modded with for 3 cr123 with a led module instead of incandescent
    fenix p3d
    fenix pd30
    fenix tk11
    ultrafire 6P light with a led module inside

    cant figure out how to insert the image without it being HUUUGE so ill include a link to the lot

    if someone is willing to trade these for the shipping cost through postNL from the netherlands, ill gladly send them your way

    first one to call dibs will get them
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    yeah i bought another one... the last one just wasnt what i was looking for

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