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    I ordered an Acebeam K65 from Nitetorch. It was faulty so I requested a replacement or a refund. They offered a refund but doesn't want the light. 3 weeks later nothing happened so I complained. They said they refunded the money back in Feb 8 so I went through my bank statements looking for it and it wasn't there.

    Then I noticed something, where's the debit for the light (never mind the credit)? I asked Nitetorch to provide me their credit form me. They sent an attachment showing the refund.

    To my sister's account.

    It all came back to me. I used my sis's card instead of mine. She got the refund so I told her she owe me. She looked in her statements and there it is.

    I owe a big apology to and they have been respectful about everything.

    Gotta call off the dogs.

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    Thank you for the update
    ... is the archimedes peak

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    Thanks for posting this. Hearing a good thing about a manufacturer is nice.

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