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Thread: Jetbeam TCR-10 Disassembly help

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    Default Jetbeam TCR-10 Disassembly help

    can anyone help with jetbeam tcr-10 disassembly. the light is dead, and jetbeam sent a new driver. but cant disassemble the light.

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    Default Re: Jetbeam TCR-10 Disassembly help

    Judging by the slot in the threads it looks like it's supposed to lift straight up, you can't see any kind of epoxy or stuff underneath it?

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    Default Re: Jetbeam TCR-10 Disassembly help

    I have not opened that model, but have done other Jetbeams.

    since the driver has wires that are soldered to the LED board, the disassembly probably goes something like this:

    1. From the top of the head tube, Remove bezel, lens and reflector to expose the LED board
    2. unsolder the wires at the LED board, and possibly also there are wires to the aux LEDs that need freeing..
    3. lift the LED board out of the light and set it aside.
    4. pull driver, out the bottom of the head tube

    this thread may also be useful to you for visuals of similar lights.
    however, most of that thread is about splitting the control ring assembly for regreasing infinitely variable control rings, which you probably do not need to get involved with, with your model, since it has detentes and is not infinitely variable.

    when in doubt about your tools and skills, consider finding a modder willing to do the job for a fee. skylumen might be worth asking.... I am not affiliated

    this is what a partly open Sunwayman V10r looks like from the bottom
    I know your light is not exactly the same, but I believe the same strategy applies

    the wires still need to be unsoldered from the LED board before the driver can be replaced

    there are pics in this thread
    of the wires and solder points on the LED side of another similar light, the Sunwayman V11r
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    Default Re: Jetbeam TCR-10 Disassembly help

    How to disassemble Jetbeam TCR-10:

    The head itself consists of 4 pieces: (1) the bezel that hold the lens on, (2) the upper half of the head, (3) the lower half of the head, and (4) the rotating control ring. The upper and lower head halves screw together underneath the control ring. To disassemble and remove the driver, follow these instructions in this order:

    1. Unscrew and remove the bezel. On my TCR-01 this was threadlocked and could not be turned by hand. I wrapped one piece of 3M rubber grip tape around the bezel and second piece around the portion of the upper head between the bezel and the rotationg control ring. I also needed to use pliers on each piece. Depending on how good your setup is, be advised the pliers might scratch the titanium.

    Important note: when gripping the head, only grip the portion of the head above the control ring (between the bezel and the rotating ring). Do not grip the ring itself or below the ring. If you grip the wrong portion, instead of the bezel unscrewing, the upper and lower head pieces may unscrew. If you do this with the driver installed, it will torque and destroy the driver wires.

    2. Once the bezel is off, lift off and remove the lens, reflector and plastic insulator from the star.

    3. From the front of the light, insert your soldering iron and disconnect the 2 wires on the star. Using needle-nose pliers bend those wires so they are vertical and won't catch on the star or head when you remove the driver.

    4. Turn the head face-down so you're looking at the driver.

    5. Unscrew and remove the retaining screw and lift off the cover plate.

    6. Remove the driver by pulling it straight out the back of the light. It is not glue. Tweezers or pliers to lift it off should easily do the trick.

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