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Thread: New Release! XTAR X2 & X4 Extended Version

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    Default New Release! XTAR X2 & X4 Extended Version

    TAR A/C Series Charger - X2 & X4 Extended Version
    --Dual Input LCD Display , NiMH / Li-ion quick battery Charger

    If you are an outdoor photography lover, you must have your beloved gimbal and outdoor flashlight. Then you must NEED a recharging device, and the XTAR AC Power Supply Charger X2 and X4 are EASILY the best multifunctional battery charger in the business right now. Nothing else comes close for performance, safety features, and reliability. Most importantly, he does not need to use other adapters, he can use it directly after connecting the power, providing a lot of portability.

    The AC Charger X2 & X4ís crystalline LCD display is another stand out feature. Itís legible in all types of light, can be switched off when long-press the button and displays a wealth of information ĖĖ charging progress, battery type and voltage ĖĖ about whatís being done to your batteries. And It will intelligently select the charging current in mode 0.5/1/2A. Fully charge a 18650 2500mAh battery as fast as 1.5 hours with 2A current.

    For extended X2 &X4, they both compatible with various 3.6V / 3.7V lithium batteries, but also different sizes of 1.2V NiMH and NiCD batteries. On the first generation of X2 & X4, it canít charge larger 21700 cells and NiMH & NiCD batteries, but now XTAR has made it up on this generation product.

    They are also a rather smart battery charger too and are packed full of awesome features and quirks. Itíll run on 100 or 240V AC mains around the home and with Micro USB input port, you can choose a suitable input in different scenarios: powered by the power cord and AC input port indoors; or mobile phone adapter and Micro USB port for outdoors charging. Most importantly, a USB output port comes with the extended X4 that supplies power to your mobile phone, flashlight, GPS and other devices, which is very convenient when outdoors or traveling.

    Basically, the XTAR extended X2 & X4, like all other XTAR Chargers, boosts the best internal safety protections that prevent short circuits and overcharging, as well as protects the user when the batteries are inserted wrong. They also optimized for IMR batteries, ensuring an even charge through out to extend the life of the batteries, which can be notoriously short these days.

    XTAR products and new version of X2/X4 are sold at Amazon, eBay, Shopee & Aliexpress. To learn more about X2/X4, please click: X2/X4 or visit:
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