tj82: Im sorry, we will pick new electronics circuits on the 12th February, so 13th is the first shipping date if everything goes well. We had much more orders than planned, so we sold them out, maybe also because of coronavirus when people buy things online much more than ever before. 164grams is total weight with everything included (headlamp+headband+battery tube+18650 protected battery).

Yes, I agree with you, 1S is very fine lightweight setup for everyday running and even racing. In past I have run all my 24h competitions (orienteering 24h run, ultra 24h run, 16-18h multisport competitions) with Lucifer M on MID mode = 400 lumens with runtime 10 hours which is long enough for most nights. The advantage of this setup is that 400lm gives proper intensity for all terrain sporting and you dont need to change batteries during night. On Lucifer S2X you probably would need to change battery in the middle of night to have the same brightness. But its very comfortable for running as the total weight is low and evenly balanced between the front and the back. Thats my personal experience, not marketing lies. I use my own lights nearly every day.