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    I have been looking for UV led strips, preferably battery rund and with the possibility to turn it onand of with a remote. Feel like I have been searching the Internet for ages. And all I can find is the ebay adds, but it seems like the most of them only sell led strips with around 400nm. I think that it's to high nm to light a uv painted painting. But I might be mistaken!

    Hope for some response to where I can find the led strips that fulfill my needs. Experiences of products are also much welcome!

    No wider than 1,5-2 cm. At least 2,5 long or with the possibility to multi-connect led strips. Less then 400nm. Preferably run on batteries and with the possibility to switch of with remote!

    Hope to hear from you, thank you so much! XoX

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    400nm will show most fluorescent paints.

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    Ok, I will give it a go. Thank you for the response!

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