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Thread: Grote LED Sealed Beam 4x6"?

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    Default Grote LED Sealed Beam 4x6"?

    RyderFleet products offers the Grote LED Sealed Beam 4x6" low beam 94421-5 for $157.16 each. Is this lamp any good?
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    Amazon has it for $139, or the Truck-Lite unit for $134. And, they have the Grote low/high beam in the same size for the same price (the one you asked about is only a low beam). I haven't extensively tested these, but from what I've seen they're not bad; there are certainly a lot of much worse lamps on the market. Conceptually it's similar to the JW Speaker Model 8800. That does not mean it's as good as the JW Speaker (which is a really very good lamp).

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