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Thread: MDC - High-Lo Ring?

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    Default MDC - High-Lo Ring?

    I like MDC format a lot, as its slimmer then the MD2.

    However, I dislike the L-M-H interface; part of the reason I carry a light is for 'tactical' reasons, so a 'High Only' mode is required.

    Is there any way to adapt the MDC to a High-Low (or ideally, High-Medium) interface?


    Head Tightened = 500-1000lm

    Head Loosened = 50-100lm.

    That would really make for an ideal 'Tactical/Utility' EDC.

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    Default Re: MDC - High-Lo Ring?

    I like it, would be awesome. I would think a hi lo ring is doable in a E series size. Maybe Gene will see this.
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    I would buy one. I would also like to see a multi mode with the M31 in warm tint. Pretty sure he make an MDC in High/Med/Low as well as a single mode but I like the idea of the high/Low ring for the MDC just as long as it works for the VME head as well
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    Default Re: MDC - High-Lo Ring?

    My MDC lights don't use a ring at all. I am not sure how easy or difficult that would be to add one. I assume you are aware of the MDC TAC, MDC Bodyguard, and the MDC SHO. That little Bodyguard is awesome, but if you want a true low you will have to carry your MDC LMH too. I would buy a single mode MDC with a high/low ring also. I normally carry two small lights now. If I don't feel I need the high lumen burst of the Bodyguard I carry the TAC if I want more than one mode. I also like the Surefire EDCL1-T with the 2 mode gas pedal for one handed operation.

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    Default Re: MDC - High-Lo Ring?

    I spoke with Gene recently about this. He explained that he doesn’t feel there is enough threading available to adequately support a hi/lo ring and maintain reliability.

    I want one too.

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    Default Re: MDC - High-Lo Ring?

    I did ask Gene back in 2016 if he could reverse the modes of the L/M/H to H/M/L and he said that he's not an MCU programmer and the guy he uses had become uncontactable.

    He must have found someone else by now, perhaps it's worth a poll to generate numbers of those interested and then asking again.

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    Default Re: MDC - High-Lo Ring?

    To get a H/L ring for MDC , the light/head would have to be redesigned. However i know many of us would love to be able to have a H/L ring for MDC and/or VME. that would put these lights at a whole nother level IMO.

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