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Thread: 18650 walkie talkie?

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    Default 18650 walkie talkie?

    Are there any walkie talkies that run on 18650? Thanks.

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    Default Re: 18650 walkie talkie?

    I am not the world's expert, but I do have some experience with these.

    I am probably stating the obvious, but here goes:

    Due to human physiology, all walkie talkies have a very similar shape. This shape makes the choice of a big cylindrical 18650 quite unnatural (though not impossible) compared to a rectangular li-Po (which has the added "benefit" of usually being of proprietary dimensions and a nice little source of extra income). For this reason, I would be extremely surprised if any manufacturer was ever tempted to make a 18650 walkie talkie.
    I certainly have never seen one.

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