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Thread: The Malkoff Potential Group Buy Sounding Board

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    Default The Malkoff Potential Group Buy Sounding Board

    Hello everyone, thought this was a good idea. The Front Porch is getting a bit convoluted with all our group buy requests. (Group Buys, so hot right now.)

    Let's keep all talk of Potential Group Buys for Malkoff Devices product in this thread.

    This is not a sign-up thread!

    Potential Group Buy Projects:

    M91N (5000K).
    1. id30209
    2. neutralwhite
    3. BigBaller
    4. Grizzman
    5. Not So Bright
    6. NutSAK
    7. ledbetter
    8. marco.weiss
    9. Mister S

    M(3)61R? (HyperRed).

    1. AndyF
    2. Greatscoot
    3. RedLED
    4. flashlight nut (M31R ?)
    5. dotCPF

    BodyGuard w Hi/Lo ring.
    2. marco.weiss

    M61 Neutral HOT
    1. mk2rocco

    2: desert.snake
    3: wicky998
    4: Mister S
    5: id30209
    6: dotCPF

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