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Thread: VC8 does NOT charge reliably

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    Default VC8 does NOT charge reliably

    First off, the majority of my complaints are in this thread:


    Second off, I have a QC3.0 adapter that I'm using right now and at first it was charging fine, now it's back to being locked at 495aH whenever I put my 21700 cell in there.

    Can someone from Xtar please tell me what's going on?

    EDIT: I took it out of Ch1 and put it in Ch7 and now it's charging at 2000aH like i told it to. It has to be defective.

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    Default Re: VC8 does NOT charge reliably

    Sorry for the bad experience. For the charing current instability issue, I think you need the after-sale service. Here is the XTAR warranty process: http://www.xtar.cc/intro/Warranty-process-16.html

    Don't worry, all the chargers from XTAR have warranty service.

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