EK20 (5)_副本.jpg
*Material: Titanium alloy sheath, D2 steel blade.
*Stylish simple geometry buckle design, easily attachable gear for your key chain, backpack strap, bracelet or belt.
*User friendly design with curved back, comfortably fits your wrist curvature.
*Exquisite detail management, CNC cut titanium sheath with premium D2 blade.
*Innovative locking structure, simple button release mechanism keep it safe and handy all the time.
*Quick attach to your straps and easily accessible
*Matches 25mm straps.
*Length: 55mm, Width: 29mm, Thickness: 10mm, Weight: 39.5g
*Optional colors: Stonewashed and Black
*Please press the lock button when sheathe the blade for better blade protection.

Please note: the knife excluding keyring and paracord as show in pictures, for reference only.