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Thread: New to Malkoff - M61 MD2 + M61HOT MD2

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    Default Re: New to Malkoff - M61 MD2 + M61HOT MD2

    Yes you are correct. With multiple cells one could drop lower.
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    Default Re: New to Malkoff - M61 MD2 + M61HOT MD2

    With multiple unprotected cells, they all will drop lower. If the head runs down to 3V, you can run two cells down to 1.5V, theoretically.

    I only mention this because the terms "cells" and "batteries" are being used in the discussion, and the layman might assume that it's safe to run multiple unprotected cells to the module's cut-off point of 3V.
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    Quote Originally Posted by StagMoose View Post

    Not sure if you are still with us but I said I would do something so I did take some Beamshots for you.

    So here is the M61N, Bravo (running two different battery options) and the 61HOT. As well as some other stuff.

    Happy to answer any questions.
    Wow, thanks for taking the time to take all of those photos, it is very much appreciated. Truly above and beyond!

    I am quite surprised at just how similar the M61HOT and the Elzettas are for beam pattern and brightness. I do like the slightly more neutral tint I am seeing on the photos of the Elzetta. I have noticed I am having a real hard time seeing things and fine detail when using cool tinted lights even if they have good spill as my focus is constantly drawn to the hot spot.

    I ended up ordering the Bones, it is in the mail on it's way to me. I suspect a Bravo won't be too far behind.

    On another note, my MDC AA N arrvied and for 90 lumens it gets the job done well as an EDC light, very good balance of throw and spill and plenty bright. A bit large but I am a fan of the heft of it and it feels rather substantial in hand. I am usually not a fan of l-m-h mode as opposed to h-m-l, but for an EDC light it works and makes sense.
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    Default Re: New to Malkoff - M61 MD2 + M61HOT MD2


    Glad to have you back. No trouble at all; I do that for fun, if it is helpful to others then that is even better.

    Let me address some items you mentioned for clarity.

    Beam profile on the elzetta is Much wider than the HOT, which is a bit narrower. Heís way to imagine it: When I stand with the light held up around my head and pointing straight out, the elzetta beam is about right at my feet or close enough to poke a foot into. The M61N (which is in a 22.3mm head) beam starts about 7-8 feet away from my feet and the HOT beam a little further.

    With 2 Li-ion batteries the elzetta has almost as much throw as the HOT with 1. This is causing the elzetta to put out more lumens and it wonít last as long since they are 16340s. So it is really more like testing a Charlie for throw. With CR123s it throws a little better than the M61N, but again is pumping out about 200 lumens more.

    Color between them is different. The M61N is reported to be 4000k. My Bravo is probably 4500K; it is indistinguishable from the 4500k Zebralights I have. Elzetta seems to have (to my eye) a bit higher CRI than the M61N, however tiny is even somewhat hard to tell unless you are using them back to back on a tree a few times. Which is what I did. Before I took those pictures I would have guessed they were about the same color.

    With the Elzetta you get a wider beam profile and some more lumens. The head is also much larger than the Malkoff heads. For a duty light the elzetta would be great for looking around. The HOt certainly throws better. Iíd like the MD4 body the best if I needed to use it to bop someone.

    I donít have a Bones so canít directly compare any of them, but I wish you luck and hope you enjoy them.

    Yes, the AA EDC is pretty sweet. Throws more light than you expect and is quite robust. If you use it in dark situations you may grow to love the low setting.

    Hope any of this is helpful and be safe out there!

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    Default Re: New to Malkoff - M61 MD2 + M61HOT MD2

    Good call(s) PF. I sometimes keep the Bones on one hip for max power and the Bravo hi/lo on the other for low light needs. Or a backup hi output number. Elzetta lanyard rings (with after market wrist strap) are a nice addition if you are concerned about needing both hands free but don't have time to holster the light.

    And the MDC aa is a mighty fine edc number. I prefer that one to the Elzetta Alpha because it is smaller with an unobtrusive clip mounted to its side.

    Stagmoose, if you have the high output Bravo you pretty much have a Bones output. Barely any difference. Both have what I called a tri-beam first time I saw it. A definite narrow hot spot, a bright circle around it and an outter circle of spill. You can see all three when aimed at a wall but in the real world it's pretty seamless looking.

    I do like how Malkoff lights place the beam in front of you. The gap does not allow the person at the other end to see your torsoe like Elzettas do. That is my only qualm with Elzetta lights. Hold it beside your head, look down and you can see your shoes. Malkoff, PK Design Lab, Streamlight and SureFire beams provide a beam that puts a gap between you and the beam. Hold an Elzetta in front of you and the issue is solved. But I prefer the gap when milliseconds matter.
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