I have a GK lightrail that I installed years ago, in a little used bathroom. I noticed recently that it fails to light up at all now, none of the lights turn on. I checked, and indeed there is still power going to the transformer unit. I figured the transformer had simply died, so I ordered a new unit from Amazon and installed it - sadly still the lights would not turn on. I was using 12V 20W bulbs x6 on the flexible rail. I have the same rail system in a hallway, that works fine, and I had several LED bulbs in the light fixtures, so I moved one to the non-functioning rail (despite a new transformer box), and with the LED bulb it DID light up, albeit weakly and flickering a bit. It funtioned only close to the transfomer, further along the rail it would only flash brifly with flipping the switch, then off. I used a voltmeter on the rail and it has power, but it is weak.

Any thoughts on how to rectify this issue?