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Thread: UV-C Neon tube ballast

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    Default UV-C Neon tube ballast

    Hi there!

    I have a HNS G30T8 tube that I need a ballast for, it seems nearly impossible to find such thing.
    From the lamp specs it needs 98v @ about 350ma drive, it there any way or even possible to modify a normal electronic ballast ? Any advices for doing this ?


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    Default Re: UV-C Neon tube ballast

    Interesting bulb.

    Here is the web site info for it in case that helps.


    Any idea how it's specs compare to a normal FL bulb?

    IIRC, many FL bulbs emit UV, which is then converted using phosphors to the desired spectrum. Sort of the fore runner of the LED blue to white spectrum concept.

    I wonder if this is just a bulb with no phos?

    It is obviously a commercial product so there must be ballast / drivers for it on the market. Maybe osram makes some?
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    Default Re: UV-C Neon tube ballast

    Probably a ballast for a typical F30T8 fluorescent lamp
    The "G" in G30T8 stands for "Germicidal"

    The construction's the same as a fluorescent tube minus the phosphor but the "glass" is also something which lets UV-C through, probably quartz (the glass used on a regular fluorescent lamp would block the UV-C)

    When you get it working, make sure you don't expose your eyes and skin

    (Clear "fluorescent" tubes thought to be decorative were actually germicidal UV lamps)

    (CFL form factor)
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    Default Re: UV-C Neon tube ballast

    That big online retailer will have ballasts for this, even the big orange store (water treatment). Look for a germicidal lamp ballast.

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    Default Re: UV-C Neon tube ballast

    The ballasts are the same as those for the corresponding wattage of regular fluorescent lamp.
    I have installed many of these lamps, all use standard ballasts.
    Please take great are , the output is very dangerous to eyes and skin.

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