Who else has played around with low-cost RGB LED bulbs powered by ac?

A local dollar store had them for $4 which includes small IR remote which works within a few feet.

Bulb marked 3W, 200 lumen which seems reasonable though hard to compare efficacy with white bulbs.
Package marked brightness is "30,000 lumens" which I suspect actually means 30k hour lifetime (nice
if true). I joked with cashier that 30k lumens should light up most of the store. Package errors are sometimes
reason why otherwise good products get sold off cheap.

It also has colour shift effects and 4-level brightness control.

Light output is modest but may work fine for outdoor (small porch or shed) or indoor low-level e.g. nightlight.

Interesting thought is to use regular colour, white or some bright tint., but easily switchable for occasions:

-green for St. Patrick's day.
-orange or purple for Halloween
-yellow as bug-light.
-I would avoid red for outdoor light!

On that note due to colour mixing, the white has some other visible colours; and yellow from RGB is mediocre,
which is a known shortfall. However, not bad for the price and versatility!