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Thread: Long, thin, bright, simple, 3AA? 3 or 4AAA?

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    Default Long, thin, bright, simple, 3AA? 3 or 4AAA?

    Hello friends! I'm just your average end user, I don't know anything about flashlight electronics so bear with me. But I do know what I want as and end user:

    I'm looking for a very thin flashlight, no thicker than your typical AA flashlight. But I want it to be 8 in long or so. Why doesn't anybody make a good AA flashlight that uses three batteries in a row so it's long and thin and easy to slip in my pocket? Does anyone carry a flashlight like that? Or do I have to make it myself?

    As an example of a flashlight I'm very happy with, I just picked up an army text c4 and I totally love this flashlight, everything about it... except the fact that there's so much extra room in the two and I just don't understand that. Why is this flashlight fatter than it needs to be? It would be possible to make this exact same light but significantly thinner so it fits in my pocket better?
    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Long, thin, bright, simple, 3AA? 3 or 4AAA?

    Streamlight 51006 Task-Light 3-AA LED Flashlight, Black - 95 Lumens

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    Default Re: Long, thin, bright, simple, 3AA? 3 or 4AAA?

    The Armytek C4 models do not use AA batteries. They use the larger 18650 lithium-ion rechargeables. It is definitely possible to make smaller 18650-powered lights, but the diameter of the Armytek's is pretty normal.

    Usually people who are looking for thin lights are also looking for short lights for overall compactness.

    Also, are you actually seeking a light that is 8" long or more, or are you simply looking for a thin, and assuming 3xAA is needed to get the performance you want?

    If you're willing to accept lower output than 18650-powered lights can produce, but still what I'd call good output, you should look at 2xAA powered lights.

    And you want really slim, consider 2xAAA powered penlights, like the Lumintop IYP365 or the Thrunite Ti4.

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    Default Re: Long, thin, bright, simple, 3AA? 3 or 4AAA?

    Not sure of your budget but Malkoff makes a 2XAA light you might like. Smallish head. Donít think itís 8 inches but close.
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