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    Default High Lumen Pocketable Floody Malkoff


    I am looking for a high-output flood light while still being pocketable.

    What is important to me:
    1) Fits in a standard pants pocket (so, MD2 or smaller, and probably an MDX 22.3 or 16.5 Head)
    2) Floody as possible.
    3) Most lumens possible.
    4) High-low switch
    5) Rechargeable

    What is unimportant to me:
    6) Runtime
    7) CRI / Tint

    My ideas so far are this:
    Body / Tail: MD2
    Head: MDX 22.3 or 16.5 (I would think the 22.3 would be floodier?)
    Driver: M91B or M61HOT. M91B would be left alone, while I would glaze the lens on the M61HOT to make it floodier.
    High-low Switch: Yes

    The Bodyguard V2 seems like it would almost fit my needs, but I would miss the high-low switch very much.
    The Wildcat V6 looks like it might work, except that it needs to be on an MD3.

    I emailed Gene about this and he told me that: "The Wildcat V6 is being upgraded, so there won't be any more available for sale in its current form. There will be a MD2 version available but it will have a larger Hound Dog style head."

    But I think the Hound Dog head would be a bit big for my pocket.

    What are your ideas?
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