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Thread: Will you use Ozone generator for clothes

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    Default Will you use Ozone generator for clothes

    Want to get a Ozone generator for my home. The summer clothes seems smelly when stored for several months. The same as my hunting clothes. It seems that the Ozone generator can clean the odor. I want a portable mini one so it can also used in my car. How do you think of it? Does any one ever use this device?

    Much appreciated for your help.

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    I have a friend that used an ozone generator in her office. It will eliminate odor however it will also excellerate oxidation with certain materials specifically fabric. I specifically remember that all the furniture that had fabric upholstery was showing damage from the ozone. So I am not sure I would use it for clothing. Ozone is an oxidizer. Would surely cause damage to clothing over time.

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    Default Re: Will you use Ozone generator for clothes

    I bought an ozone generator, but I am reluctant to use it now, I used it on my cars interior to try to get rid of a persistent odour after my cat peed in there, but the ozone caused a lot of the soft touch plastics to melt and deform, replacing the trim was expensive and time consuming.

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    It is said that the ozone generator can not remove the leather smell in the car. But I still want a mini one, if it is not expensive, to use it in disinfection sometimes.

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    Grandma used to use little Este'Lauder loaded pillows in dresser drawers to thwart the stale smell. Same with the linen closet. In our house we have used up Glade plug in wicks on shelves.

    I use cedar chips in my clothes drawers. A bag of hamster cage shavings lasts a while. Place them in used up panty hose, socks with used up elastic or stuff like that.

    My die hard hunting buddies vacuum seal their hunting clothes and bury them. I just hang mine in suit bags. I don't hunt but wear duck hunting gear to stay warm while standing around outdoors for hours at work.
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