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Thread: Olight S1R vs. S1R Turbo S

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    Question Olight S1R vs. S1R Turbo S

    I can't get image insertion to work, so please see

    See these two Olights? Both are marked S1R BATON with slashes thru the "1." Other than the serial numbers, physically identical.

    However, they are two different models. The top is an S1R. The bottom is an S1R Turbo S.

    Hold the button on the upper light and it cycles LOW-MED-HIGH-TURBO. Double click and you will get a wink as the timer is turned on.

    Hold the button on the lower light and it cycles LOW-MED-HIGH. Double-click for TURBO. Double-click again for Super TURBO.

    The top appears to be the original S1 with a recharging tail cap added. The bottom is a new design, the S1R Super Turbo.

    The S1R manual from Oilght shows the Turbo version, yet is not marked as the Turbo S. I have never seen a manual for the old S1R-not-turbo.

    This has bothered me for some time, both types of S1R being called the S1R, an occasional reference to an "S1R Super Turbo" but not the name on the user's manual.

    Anyone know the serial number where they switched?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rookiedaddy View Post
    Ah ha, thanks. Strange they didn't change the markings?

    Anyone have a copy of the original S1R not-turbo user manual? I'd like to add it to my public set at
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