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Thread: Recommendation Please

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    Here are my criteria:

    1. Super high lumens are NOT necessary, but I'll take them if the rest of my needs are met
    2. Durability is important. I've broken many lights simply by dropping them. They never work again
    3. I prefer something with four AA's for good battery life. Not too concerned about size
    4. I would like to press the button and start in Low mode, then cycle straight to Medium or High and back to low or off without going through strobe beacon, etc. I don't even need these fancy modes.
    5. I would like to place it on a flat surface and not have it roll around and off of the table.
    6. I want a nice even light with no off color spot in the middle.
    7. I want a switch to press - no twist to turn on
    7. Under $50.00

    Thanks in advance!

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    Check out NEBO light s. Some of them meet your criteria.

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    Default Re: Recommendation Please

    Streamlight 4AA Propolymer

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    Thank you. I ordered Nebo redline 6698

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    Quote Originally Posted by racuda View Post
    Thank you. I ordered Nebo redline 6698

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