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Thread: Which Nailbender copper triple p60?

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    Buttrock Which Nailbender copper triple p60?

    Looking to replace a module in my L2E. I want the absolute brightest, reliable module that runs off one or two 18650. Triple Nichia? Triple XPG2? Triple EPE2? Or other option? It does need to be potted.
    I already have an EDC+ triple XPG2 700lm....I want more!

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    Default Re: Which Nailbender copper triple p60?

    I dont know the specs of the driver of the p60 from nailbender, but if you want a lot of power in a p60, you will need a special switch, the mcclicky will struggle beyond 5amps.

    There is the v5 dropin from Oveready, about 1500 lumen with 1 battery, 3500 with two.

    Vinh also makes high powered p60 drop in. I have a quad olson white 2 with a zero resistance switch and a sony vtc5. It can burn your hand @ 30cm.

    Below, a pic of the oveready @3500 lumen vs the p60vn :

    If you want to stick with nailbender (wich is great, I have a few single drop in from him) xpg2 will produce the most lumen, xpe the most candela, nichia the most pleasant light.
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    Default Re: Which Nailbender copper triple p60?

    Timbo... Are you looking for overall light output (i.e. - an area light), or a more focused, concentrated beam, more in the nature of a thrower?

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