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Thread: Pelican 7610

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    Question Pelican 7610

    May anyone enlighten me: does Pelican 7610 accept standard 18650 cells or not? Some descriptions mention a proprietary Pelican 18650 battery, some do not mention 18650 at all. Where is the truth?

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    It seems that it is a diameter issue with the 18650. Which makes sense. My 2500mah 18650 are slightly thinner than my 3500 mAh. The pelican 18650 is 2600mah so as long as it is a unprotected cell around the 2600mah area your SHOULD be good.

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    Default Re: Pelican 7610

    I just placed a Fenix 3500mAh 18650 and a Streamlight 2600mAh 18650 into my 7610 and they both fit with room to spare.

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