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Thread: New incans - Edison 5C and 7C

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    Default New incans - Edison 5C and 7C

    Not seen these mentioned on here so thought I'd ask. On eBay UK I found some very useful PR bulbs - 9V, 0.7A Krypton - perfect for 8xAA NiMh builds. When I got them it said bulbs for Edison 040 torch...
    Hmm, not heard of that but the same seller is selling these torches new too. Aluminium black anodized, focusing, o-rings and look good. Price? £15 including postage. And I got it lower than that as it is also 'make an offer.

    Item description is "Edison Aluminium Torch Requires (7xC Batteries)" so just waiting on that, but I'm excited. Never owned a 7C Mag, and this looks almost identical in form. Plus it's got the Krypton bulb the Mag 7C should have had.
    Concerning the bulbs, I never believed a new lamp that I really wanted for my projects would ever see the light of day but I will be stocking up on them. They make for a fat bright beam, so much nicer than the 9.6V bulbs out there and brighter than the 7.2 6D Mag bulbs. Search "Edison Krypton Bulb 9.0V/0.75A For 040 Torch (PK-2)".

    I'll review the torch when I get it but anyone here already received one? What are they like?

    It's made my new year! A newly launched 7 cell incandescent plus new bulbs :-)

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    Default Re: New incans - Edison 5C and 7C

    Those sound pretty cool! I looked on this side of the pond for them, no luck yet. Looking forward to your findings! 👍
    The TK20. Yes, it still rocks- WoodsWalker

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    Default Re: New incans - Edison 5C and 7C

    Any updates Mr Moog?
    John 3:16

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    Default Re: New incans - Edison 5C and 7C

    I couldn't find anything yesterday....

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    So are these bulbs interchangeable with the mag c/d drop-in ones?

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