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Thread: The Best Batteries to Stock Up On.

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    Default The Best Batteries to Stock Up On.

    Hi all,

    These are what I commonly use in flashlights and all other devices. I also review a portable battery station (this item sent to me for review), and a really bright portable lighting solution.

    If you know of a great cell please post in the comments so we can all benefit from your experience.
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    Default Re: The Best Batteries to Stock Up On.

    Nice video! If I knew someone starting out, they should just watch that and be good to go! ETA: Probably safer to send newbs to you so they don't catch my malkoff flu.

    Keepower for 2*18650 and my 16340. Otherwise Sony 3400 and 3500 18650, eneloop and energizer lithium Aa and Aaa. For CR123, I have surefire, streamlight and rayovac depending on sales.
    That battery station looks cool. I have a goal zero yeti that's ok if I need it!

    I usually just do what HKJ or the consensus of a few others here say. Lol
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