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Thread: Reviews for XTAR H3R headlamp flashlight

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    Default Reviews for XTAR H3R headlamp flashlight

    XTAR MAGNEMITE H3R – is a typical shape of an angle flashlight that we can successfully use as a headlamp. Here summary some reviews:

    00:08: unboxing of XTAR H3R
    01:21: magnetic charging test
    02:01: light function test
    02:54: outdoor light test
    03:49: indoor light test
    04:14: test when wearing head strap
    04:51: helmet clip test
    05:46: bracket test
    06:28: test when wearing helmet
    06:50: waterproof test
    07:16: magnet strength test

    With magnetic charging, just a lightly touch leads you to a new shining world.
    H3R review-1.jpg
    • Good runtime
    • Instant access to Moon mode and Turbo mode
    • Good white tint
    • Strong Helmet Clip
    • Side switch is easy to activate
    • Fast 1A USB charging
    • Consider lightweight for its size

    Led : Cree XP-L V6
    6 different modes
    Max intensity : 5630cd
    Max output : 1000 lumen
    Max runtime : 18 days
    Max beam distance : 150 meters
    Waterproof : IPX-7
    Impact resistant : 1.5 meters
    Battery : 1×18650 / 2×16430 / 2xCR123A
    Low voltage protection
    Overheat protection
    Dimension : 106.4mm x 21.9mm x 26.7mm
    Weight : 55g
    *Magnetic charging only for 18650

    It is non-proprietary battery support. Any 18650 Li-ion battery, protected or unprotected, button-top or flat-top can be used.
    ^^ However, I do not recommend using battery with proprietary positive and negative contact point at the same side as the contact spring might risk creating a short.

    Turn the torch on / off with a single click. The flashlight switches on with the memory of the last mode (even TURBO) – unless you change the link, then it will start in high mode.
    Change the modes by holding down the button; they operate in the loop from the lowest to the highest. TURBO is activated by a fast double click (on the flashlight).

    Hidden modes:
    - quick 3 clicks activate SOS
    - when the torch is off we hold the button – to enable / disable the button lock against accidental switching on (when the lock is on and the button is pressed, the flashlight will turn on in the moon for a moment, when the button is released, the torch will go out)
    - when the torch is off, two quick clicks activate TURBO
    - when the flashlight is off, hold the button for a moment – it will turn on in the moon mode.


    XTAR MAGNEMITE H3R is a headlamp designed mainly for people who expect a good range from a flashlight that they can wear on their head. Good workmanship, magnetic charging and easy-to-use controller, plus good equipment make H3R a really interesting proposition.
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