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Thread: Logan 17500

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    I have another question about my Logan.
    I would like to be able to use the twisty function with a AA battery but it seems I need to twist the head very tightly to get it to work properly. I was thinking of using a thin spacer (washer) and did not fully understand the above discussion about it not being advisable to do so.
    Is there a safe way to make the battery a little "longer"?
    I have also noticed a few times that it turned itself on. I assume this is from the QTC material expanding a bit.

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    Mine also is a little short with 14500/ AA batteries requiring it to be pretty snugged up to work.

    Washers work but they rattle when not snugged down so I wouldnít store it that way. My QTC pill fits snugly enough to hold back some resistance from whatever is under it. Foil probably would work well as long as you can poke it out later.

    I havenít messed with mine much more since initial experimentation but I opened the drawer it was in and it too was slightly on even though I had unscrewed the head what I thought was a generous amount.

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    Ya mine will do that even when I turn it off. I usually give it an extra turn or tap it against my palm to make sure itís off. Iím not to worried if it turns on by itself on very low. Battery drain is not much on these things. Been using mine for well over a month with the same 17500.It really is A perfect Light if your heading out or on vacation and not sure what batteries you can get your hands on.
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