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Thread: Why Should I Buy an HDS?

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    You should buy an HDS Clicky because you want a Four mode light with a captive bezel down pocket clip.
    You can program the four modes to any of 24 brightness levels, If you read the manual.

    You should buy an HDS Rotary, (that does everything the Clicky does), without a captive bezel down pocket clip.
    Plus the option to ramp through the 24 brightness steps, without reading the manual.
    Want to Buy Eye10 TiC (or I would trade one of my Titanium Rotaries)

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    After owning many HDS along with lots of other brands HDS is my favorite. I always have a clicky and a rotary in my collection. Both are amazing lights and both always put a smile on my face as they light up my surroundings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BytorJr View Post
    I've been out of the "light wars" for a while so I'm not up to snuff on emitter types, etc, etc. I have an OG HDS U60GT (soon to be modded) and a Novatac 120P. What I like is the programmability of HDS - granted the U60GT still confounds me at times.
    However, whilst I would love a rotary - seems like the perfect interface, I often find myself struggling to justify the price given the low lumen output. We've been stuck at 250 for quite some time. I know, I know...get over the lumens race. However, why is it that HDS seems so far behind on paper on output? Don't get me wrong, not bashing the product, just my understanding as why lumen output is comparatively so low compared to other "custom-type" makers.
    It's funny. I've owned well over a dozen HDS lights through the years. Managed to end up down to only 1, a tactical rotary XPG2. It was relegated to truck console status (I knew it would work when I needed it.) I've had a blast with the triples - customs from Tana/Haiku, Okluma, Venom, CWF/Pele, Laulima, Cool Fall, Oveready, on and on. Loved them all. Still have Oklumas, Tana triple Haikus, my Venom Orion (collector's item now, if you ask me), and HAD a bunch of low price, high output triples - predominately the very cool FW3A (had 5 of them at one time.)

    Then rstype listed a rotary with NB4 Nichia - just shy of $300 for a used, ~200 lumen light. Seriously? I waited a day or so then bit. It arrived. Amazing light.

    And it all came back.

    Then I pulled the XPG2 out my truck and enjoyed it. Didn't matter how 'low' the output - the quality of the beam, the elegance of the interface, the rock solid build...just a pleasure to use. Alas, I went down the slippery slope/rabbit hole and picked up a high noon clicky on WTS, then ordered an SS40 Rotary silver tail from Henry. And now I have an NLT 18680 Rotary on order.

    It's a fact that the human eyes perceives large increases in output at a seemingly 'lower' amount than the numbers would suggest. 25 lumen versus 100, while obvious, doesn't look like 4 times as much.

    So that 200 or so, given a good tint and proper beam shape, seem as satisfying to me as the 500-1000 lumen triple flamethrowers.

    The interface, the satisfyingly solid feel, the warranty....the confidence that it'll work when you need it. Sure, there can be failure (albeit rare) and there are other lights with great warranties (Okluma among the very best), but for a mass produced light, it's just hard to beat an HDS.

    Worth every penny. And every one of the five that I will own will see time in the rotation.
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    Default Why Should I Buy an HDS?

    HDS are strange.

    I bought a rotary with a 219a, 140lm long ago. Excellent tint, excellent beam, fantastic UI. From time to time I take the light out of the drawer to enjoy it. And then I put it back.

    I have never actually used it. It has never left my home and now I am pretty sure it never will, it is just not practical in any way as far as my life style is concerned.

    But I am also pretty sure that it would be one of the very last lights I sell, if I ever decide to abandon this hobby.

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    Iíve already posted, but Random Dan asked me to post here, so this a copy paste from another thread.

    Sitting here at my desk at work trying to avoid all the negative news, and decided that I needed to share this.

    We all need some positives in this time when there's so many negative distractions. No commentary on any of said distractions, but most are negative.

    Meanwhile, after 11 years and (literally) tens of thousand$, I think I've finally found the perfect light for me.

    The HDS Rotary, sapphire lens, Luminus SS40 emitter, stainless silver bezel and tail, raised button. I just love this thing.

    Now it will be disqualified by some of you for, among others, two major factors: no clip and it won't tail stand. So there's a solution for that for you - you can purchase it with the flush switch and there are various clip solutions.

    But I don't care about tail standing and I don't use clips. Understand - it's perfect for ME - YMMV.

    First of all, it's a really nice looking flashlight. Just different enough from all the other lights out there, but still that familiar HDS profile. I LOVE the stainless tail and am really happy I got this one with the silver tail. (I also got an 18680 rotary with flush switch and silver tail...that's another story). So happy that Dan talked Henry into the silver, stainless tail!

    The knurling is clean, grippy, but not rough. And it just looks good.

    The photos don't do the tint justice. I've posted comparisons of various emitters elsewhere, but logically you can't really get an accurate representation. Differences in cameras, monitors, etc., will probably cause the image to look different than what the tint looks like to your eyes. What I can tall you is that this SS40 has an amazing neutral, high cri, kind of 'golden' tint to it. SO easy on the eyes. Colors look great. It has a great spot that transitions smoothly to a nice spill. Spot things out a ways while enjoying "situational awareness" from the spill. It's just awesome. All tints might be considered to have some compromise, and I own (just with my HDS stable) Nichia NB4, High Noon, NLT, XPG2, and this SS40. I love triples (and own quite a few high quality ones with amazing emitters), but this beam, Henry nailed it (for my likes).

    If you've ever used a Rotary you know how easy and intuitive the interface is. Hand it to anyone and they can immediately use it effectively. Of course, Henry builds in the ability to customize. Click, twist, whatever - the appropriate level of light is right "at hand." And most flashaholics - old timers - still value a true moonlight as much as the ability to burn paper. Love this low. And the high level is plenty bright enough for me.

    Finally, how does your light 'feel' in your hand? Is it easy to find the controls? Is it easy to hold? Is it natural and comfortable to activate, aim, control, etc.? THAT subjective measure - the "feel' - is where this HDS is an absolute home run for me. Hand in pocket, light into my hand, easy to position, button easy to find and depress, rotary control right there if I need it or double press hold for max.

    I didn't mean for this to turn into a gushing post, and if you look at my signature line you can see that I'm blessed with an embarrassment of choices. Not as many choices as some of you, but more than I can get around to using. And I have the utmost of respect for all the custom makers, and even my older Surefires, and I have 4 other HDS to choose from:

    BUT - when I decide which light I want to use on the early morning jog, or carry during the day, or have at bedside at night....well, this is it. I'm 62 years old and will probably never stop looking and experimenting, but the satisfaction of using this light and the knowledge that it'll probably outlast me will keep it at or near the top of the pile for a long time.

    That is all. Just wanted to share. Be safe out there! And make sure you are carrying "The Light That Gets You Home."

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