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    EK20S Titanium Bracelet Knife
    *Materials: Titanium alloy sheath, D2 Steel blade, handcraft 550 paracord wristband and adjustable nylon wristband.
    *Simple geometry design, with quick release button.
    *Comfort wearing nylon band, wrist circumference 16cm-22cm.
    *User friendly design with curved back, comfortably fits your wrist curvature.
    *Quick release mechanism with button, please press the lock button when sheathe the blade for better blade protection.
    *Dimension: L55mm*W29mm*T10mm (Sheath), L40mm*W18mm*T3mm (Blade), W28mm*T9mm (Paracord band), width of nylon band is 20mm.
    *Optional colors: Stonewashed and Black


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