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Thread: Pencil Beams for a Motorcycel

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    Question Pencil Beams for a Motorcycel

    I am new here and found your forum while looking for info on pencil beam lights for a motorcycle.

    So, what are my options for auxiliary lights suitable to mount on a street legal motorcycle, that will give me the longest reach possible. I live in a rural area of South Mississippi, and travel frequently at night, so I like to be able to see as far out as possible in front of me and even further in regards to animals eyes glowing... The current headlight and driving lights that came on the bike are great in town, but make riding these backroads a challenge...

    Thanks in advance for any and all help...

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    Default Re: Pencil Beams for a Motorcycel

    Lamps based on laser excited phosphor will give a very long reach from a small lamp, with a very narrow pencil beam. There are a few available from the aftermarket.

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    Default Re: Pencil Beams for a Motorcycel

    I don't know what the roads are like in south mississippi but i cound'nt imagine them being wide open strait stretches. I would think you would want a certain amount of scattered light towards the edges to light up potential road hazards like rural wildlife coming out of the bushes?

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