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Thread: New member, new Fenix PD36R owner, Hi

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    Default New member, new Fenix PD36R owner, Hi

    Hi everyone, i have just had my early birthday present delivered by Amazon.. my new Fenix PD36R torch. I haven't had a decent torch for a very long time, I think my last one was a Fenix TK20 or 22 I cant remember.

    My reason for purchasing this torch is after spending time researching YouTube, these forums here etc. I work as a police officer in the UK and the issued torches are very poor.

    I am currently charging the torch but thought I would give it a go on the maximum brightness for a couple of minutes. What I did notice is that the end got very hot, i was expecting some heat but it was on max literally 2 minutes and was very hot. Is this normal? I'm guessing it is but thought I would ask just in case.

    Anyway, I hope everyone is OK and I look forward to continuing browsing the forum.

    P.S I did a quick search for my question for this torch but couldn't see anything obvious.


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    Default Re: New member, new Fenix PD36R owner, Hi

    Yep, they get very hot. Same with most high output lights.

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