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Thread: Portable CD player power - Want portable solar panel &/or use 1.2V rechargables

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    Default Portable CD player power - Want portable solar panel &/or use 1.2V rechargables

    Want to buy a battery operated CD player w/ speakers - so a boom box. They seem to run on 6 or 8 alkaline batteries, so 9V or 12V. I'd like to use NiMh instead of throwaways, but I'm concerned that the CD motor will not run at the proper speed without the correct voltage. Anyone know?

    Also, if I could buy a solar panel to plug into the AC input, that would be a solution. But I want a panel that comes with a variety of plug sizes & styles. I have no idea where to shop for this type of thing.

    Looking for good sound quality, so maybe need to go with a name brand like Sony or Toshiba.

    One Sony boombox wants 15W AC.

    The Toshiba® TY- CWU500 Wireless Bluetooth Boombox Speaker, that also has a CD player,
    uses 8xD cells and says "Replacement period of dry batteries - When the dry batteries are low, phenomena such as low volume, sound distortion, or malfunction of the CD may occur." But this may be too much; seems to have 2 speakers on the front & one on each side, and I don't want to serenade the neighbors.

    The Toshiba seems to com in a -510 model that specifies its for rechargeable batteries.

    This is an odd power spec:
    Hamilton Buhl AudioMVP Boombox CD FM Media Player with Bluetooth Receiver MFR: HB100BT2
    Adapter DC output: DC9V0.8A
    Battery power: requires 8 "C" batteries (not included)
    Getting sick of reading reviews - half say something works ok, other half some variety of Dead On Arrival Falls Apart when you Breath On It.

    Even the Sony products turn out to be generic designs with their logo painted on... can get so much cheaper as Brand X. But no quality...
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